4. How and When the Consciousness is damaged?

Only possible damage to human Consciousness is its division and the only time it can take place is during its formation or growth, after birth.

Sigmund Freud’s name crops up again and again, because Indians don’t bother to understand that their ancestors had built the foundations of Psychology, nor how to advance or build it further, for saving and enhancing the entire humanity. Freud’s voluminous and significant work is unfortunately taking us nowhere. Of course, he certainly deserves more than a passing reference. Vested interests eulogize and ride piggy back on his name, from time to time for their own reasons.

All research works have been undoubtedly prompted by the natural inner urge or curiosity of the human Consciousness. Consciousness has or has been given the same meaning and role here as in the eastern ancient texts. It is the dynamic energy or the driving force behind all our perceptions and responses or behavior.

It was more than 20K years ago, the Pre-vedic Saint Ashtavakra declared that any work on mind has to begin from the ‘I’ and that itself is the Consciousness. Later on, all those Religious teachers, who came on to the scene including Buddha, Shankara and J Krishnamurti nearly propagated the same, but only in different words.

Ancient Eastern Researches were almost near conclusion, but for unknown reasons, they seem to have abruptly stopped and didn’t go further. They found the reason for human misery and consequent erratic behavior. They called it as ‘duality’, division, fragmentation of Consciousness. If the Consciousness remains undivided, it is impossible for it to perceive or respond wrongly, inaccurately or inappropriately to or in the new situations.

However, in the West researches in Psychology have been extensively analytical rather than exploratory. Fortunately, the mechanical industrial revolution too seemed to have played a vital role and gave an inadvertent push to the needed freedom and protection to the nascent or growing human Consciousness. Scientific or innovative fixtures or gadgets like the Cribs came along handy for mothers to protect children, when mothers had to inevitably attend to other household or outside works of short duration.

It was also a blessing in disguise for babies, because growing babies too need freedom and alone-ness for their strength and stability. Many mothers inadvertently constantly interfered in their freedom and silent observation of the surrounding. What the simple crib ensures is the safety and security from their dangerous movements and falls, apart from protecting household items and the child from damages to each other.

Although it appears that the child is confined, it retains the characteristics of patience, perseverance and resilience in children. Mother or elders are able to see the child from a distance, but without interfering or disturbing its focus. The crucial factor is the long five+ years required for the full growth of consciousness. If the parents want their children to grow up as a strong and stable adults, they have to protect children from damages to their bodies, which results in damage to Consciousness also.

The additional avoidable problem is the ‘pampering-to stop-crying of children’, which causes permanence of the damage to Consciousness. Pampering doesn’t heal injuries, but medical attention can. So necessary medical attention may be given, and pampering may be postponed till the child regains its composure. Then pampering is not harmful.

In other words, Cribs indirectly help mothers to allow the child’s Consciousness to grow up without disturbance. It is a blessing in disguise for the child’s consciousness to grow freely. That can be a probable cause for the comparatively higher average level of freedom in the western population, though it is not absolute. This comparatively higher level of freedom of consciousness ensures they win in any competition almost always.

Since the Consciousness is weak and vulnerable to getting disturbed and damaged in its growing years, whole mankind is generally affected by ‘fragmentation of consciousness’ leading to duality. Cribs go a long way in protecting the Consciousness from damage caused by avoidable hurts and falls and consequent pampering. Duality is like result of a ‘manufacturing defect’, because it is taking place in the formative period of consciousness.

When even electronic items are manufactured in highly sophisticated and protected facilities, with great and immaculate care, doesn’t the solar system’s extra ordinary biological computer deserve at least the same or better care than we are giving to the electronic items ? After all, what it asks is only the nutrition and minimal interference during its growth. (See ‘Enhancing Psychology into Pure Science’. naturalmindsite. wordpress.com)

Despite the Consciousness being invisible and immeasurable, it is still the only dynamic force or energy, which has to and can discover its problems and also cure itself. The problem is that until its intellectual applications, movements or thoughts don’t stop, it can’t observe the actuality or look inwards. Mere temporary stopping of thoughts results in the discovery of itself for the Consciousness. What more we want, even the fragmentation itself ceases and the Consciousness regains its original state of ‘non-duality’ or undisturbed single perception. Till then, the endless movement of thought continues, which is more often the wastage of time and resources for all.

What is however unfortunate is that funds flow enormously towards the analytical experiments, whereas there is no funding for exploratory independent researches, which are incidentally in final phases or threshold of completion. Though the success of western marketing techniques are huge and colossal, it often restricts or delays the introduction of newer or better ideas, often even by millennia, and also at great loss to whole of humanity!





By Prasanna, Independent Researcher in Psychology    twitter:  @gmybird

There is no need to accept it, but it may be understood by serious and concerned

Presently Psychology is still a Social Science, because there is no universally applicable and acceptable theories, to make it into a Pure Science like Physics or Chemistry.

Mere receiving of True and Accurate Knowledge of the functioning of the mind can’t enable any one to become Psychologically free.  Because, it is the Consciousness, who is the producer and user of Knowledge, itself may be injured, damaged and divided.  With or without any external hints of knowledge, if that damage or division ceases, then one is free.

Knowledge isn’t necessary to become free for the Consciousness. However, to understand that the binding is by ‘knowledge + its own injury’,  this knowledge may help. It is actually the Consciousness that becomes free from the bondage of any Knowledge, but keeps Knowledge beside for its use.

SURVIVAL of mankind is possible, only if it moves in sync with nature. From the  Pre-vedic Saint Ashtavakra to J Krishnamurti, the findings are very clear about the Non-dual State of Consciousness. Primary problem in majority of mankind can be summed up as involuntary or indiscreet intellectual or knowledge using behavior or activities, some of which are often detrimental to self and environment.

CONSCIOUSNESS or ‘I’ is a form of energy, which is damaged or divided and thereby ‘conditioned’ or attached to a part of Knowledge in memory, thus losing freedom in that area.

VISUALIZATION is inevitable, since the Consciousness is invisible and immeasurable. Visualization has to be proved by living without conflicts. Knowledge isn’t responsible for inappropriate or misbehavior. Because, it is the Consciousness that produces Thought, Speech or Action, using Knowledge.

UTMOST priority of mankind has to be on a) Protecting Consciousness during its growing years in children, and b) focusing on normalizing or returning to the undamaged state in adults.

LACK OF FOCUS on protecting it in children and on returning to its original undamaged state in adults, indicate that human Consciousness (we) have lost the sense of priority and urgency.

ENTIRE human behavior is constituted by 1) Consciousness or ‘I’, which is the same dynamic invisible energy in all and 2) Perceptions of Consciousness that are stored as mere recordings of Knowledge in Memory, which the Consciousness uses for all its applications or behavior.(See diagram below)



What is making us needlessly defensive is not the Consciousness, because it is the same in all human beings.

What is separating us is not the Knowledge, because it is only mere dead recordings.

It is the conditioning or the unnatural bonding of ‘partly injured Consciousness and part Knowledge’ that is responsible for making us needlessly defensive.

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(These observations need not be accepted, but only to be examined)

Comparison or competition between ‘Science and Spirituality’ seems superfluous, if mankind is keen on lasting peace or stability of human minds. Moreover, whole or entire Science isn’t needed for comparison with Spirituality, but only the ‘Science of the Mind or Psychology’ would suffice. Presently, ‘Psychology’ still remains classified as Social Science, and it is yet to become a pure science like Physics or Chemistry etc.

Like Apples and Oranges, Science and Spirituality too are different. Science is the actual primary perception of Consciousness and Spirituality is secondary intellectual perception or the replay of the processed and stored first perception in memory. While first is original and vertically progressing, second is merely its variant. Science tries for a paradigm shift in the platform or basic structure of life. Spirituality isn’t so.

Science is the collection of actual primary perceived facts in nature, which are also unraveled, examined, proven and replicable. However, Spirituality can be regarded as the collection of intellectual or metaphysical observations of Great Philosophers, Saints, Spiritual and Religious Teachers as well as great thinkers, as shown below.

Science is incomplete, but it is still headed in the direction of Truth. Consciousness perceives the contents in its own memory, even if given by others, as secondary Intellectual Perception.

Science is still growing and incomplete, nevertheless it is still headed in the direction of Truth. Consciousness also perceives the contents in its own memory, even if given by others, as secondary Intellectual Perception. There is nothing wrong in admitting it.


Let us see how the same Consciousness produces both Knowledge of Science and Spirituality in different ways, as explained below.

  1. At the beginning of life in all, there is only Consciousness and no knowledge
  2. Consciousness and memory grow further after birth
  3. Main functions of the Consciousness are Perception and Responses
  4. Perceptions are inward and expressions are outward of the Consciousness
  5. Perceptions of Consciousness are stored as ‘Knowledge in Memory’
  6. Consciousness perceives in 2 modes viz., a) Actual and b) Intellectual
  7. Primary or Actual Perception is of external events through senses
  8. Secondary or Intellectual Perception is the processing of Memory
  9. Memory contains Knowledge, both self perceived and given by others
  10. Science is the collection of primary or actual perceptions in nature
  11. Spirituality is the expression of processed perceptions in memory
  12. However, all expressions are inevitably intellectual or wordy


The Need and Role of Spirituality

When nothing was known about misery or turbulence in human minds, mankind merely and inevitably stayed with it. This inevitably quiet observation of own misery seemingly helped the Consciousness to return to its original, whole, oneness or undivided state, and lose its misery, more often permanently. Yet man didn’t know or care to understand how the Consciousness could get rid of its misery or the effect of damage, by merely staying with it and ‘not escaping from it’. This is the natural way, which was practiced in earlier days. This wasn’t told or documented, but was done.

The 2nd or the present method is that ‘Use or Replay of old Knowledge in memory also brought temporary relief from misery’, due to diversion from the present boredom or misery. This is unnatural and undesirable. Besides, it caused dependence on all kinds of diversions like over indulgence in acts of sensory perceptions and even chemical inputs into the body. So instead of permanently eliminating the misery, it preserved the misery, because of this diversion. Now the whole world population is gradually becoming a slave to this 2nd method. This is due to constant pushing of new business oriented knowledge.

Science and Spirituality are both collections or bundles of knowledge, but of different types. Science if true, unraveled, proven, examined and verified fact of nature can’t cause dependence. Religion as mere Knowledge can be merely replayed to pastime, end boredom or misery whenever it arises, but not permanently.

So far, both Science and Spirituality have failed to end human misery, despite trying their best. Limitations of Science is openly accepted and conspicuous, but not of Spirituality. Science is curative, though only to a limited extent. Spirituality is merely palliative, but it may not declare so.

So when Psychology or the ‘Science of the Mind’ succeeds in ending human misery, Spirituality and all such knowledge oriented activities would not be attached or conditioned to Consciousness. They will just remain in memory.   



To put it mildly and briefly, the crisis that mankind is facing today, is immeasurable and indescribable, though its root cause is unbelievably small and simple. An often erupting question to the young, but which has always remained unanswered by elders is ‘Why mankind couldn’t understand the teachings of all great teachers?’. In other words, it may be called as the ‘communication gap’. Let us go slowly and examine this issue. No problem can be resolved, without understanding the nature, structure and cause of the problem.

All universally acclaimed or great teachers can be said to have been absolutely free. It is essential to note that mere achieving inner psychological ‘freedom’ doesn’t enable one to be abreast with the knowledge of structure and dynamics of the human mind, to enable others to become free. After all the state of mind can’t be transferred to others, but all can share only their ‘knowledge about it’ with others. This is also often called as ‘Self Knowledge’.

Mere addition, of the ‘knowledge of dynamics of mind’ into memory, also can’t transform the Consciousness. The freedom-seeking Consciousness has to make use of that knowledge and ‘position or allow itself’ to return to the state of freedom naturally. Thus it is evident that all teachers failed to express, convey or give relevant and accurate info or knowledge that could help others to liberate themselves easily and quickly.


That knowledge is to just ‘stop or pause’ all intellectual or knowledge using activities or becoming free for a moment, consciously and deliberately from memory. The tensed consciousness is already eagerly and constantly awaiting to return to its free state. So when there is pause for the intellectual or memory using activity, the Consciousness begins to ‘jump’ back to ‘freedom’ on its own naturally or to correct or set itself right.

Just allow some silence, Sir. That is enough. Our mere (in)action is needed for returning to the state of freedom, without the use or interference of knowledge. Let us try to understand it with an example, though it is incomplete, rough and crude.

Crudely and inadequately, mind can be compared to a computer, which often ‘hangs’ to a segment of data in memory. It is causing inaccurate ‘perception’ and consequent inaccurate ‘responses’ resulting in chaos. The noted Philosopher J Krishnamurti rightly named it as ‘Conditioning’ (by memory) of the Consciousness resulting in its reduced freedom and accuracy in perception and responses.

Understanding the structure and principle of functioning of the human mind seems highly difficult for two reasons viz., 1) Process of mind involves swift movement of energy or Consciousness that can’t be observed by eyes or measured through any sophisticated instrument. Hence, visualization is made first and then it is logically and intellectually questioned and corroborated to understand the functioning of the mind. 2) The disorder in human consciousness isn’t an added, acquired or even a pathological condition or disease that can be cured by some external medicines. In most of the cases, is only due to an avoidable error of parents during the growing years of the brain. It can be crudely compared to a manufacturing defect.

The disorder is simply an aberration or the split of consciousness that took place during the growing years of the Consciousness, which also grows along and within the brain, before and after birth for a considerable time. Since it is taking place during the growing years of the brain, it can be likened or compared to a ‘manufacturing defect’. Of course, the silver lining is that it is preventable in children as well as self-correctable during adulthood.

Following graph shows how human knowledge about Consciousness is advancing over the millennia. Yet it hasn’t become 100% effective. Diagram may neither be complete nor accurate as only few teachers have been showcased, whose expressions brought a paradigm shift in understanding the structure and role of ‘Consciousness’. If ‘Self-knowledge’ had preceded other knowledge, the present mess couldn’t have arisen at all.



The above schematic graph shows that the increase in quality of communicable knowledge and the percentage of effectiveness of each new finding have been increasing, from the pre-vedic period till date. When it is 100% effective it can be said that the quality and quantity of communicable knowledge is complete.

  1. I am the Consciousness — Ashtavakra, Pre Vedic Saint ( 20K Yrs ago)
    2. Reason (knowledge in memory) sustains misery — Buddha (563–480 CE) 
    3. “Aham Brahmasmi” — I’m the God — Adi Shankara (788–820 CE)
    4. All problems are due to ‘conditioning’ — J Krishnamurti (1895–1986)
    5. Consciousness or the ‘I’ is free and independent in all, in normal state. It perceives and responds to situations by using memory. Split or damage in Consciousness causes ‘conditioning’ with some segment of knowledge in memory, resulting in error in perception & responses, which are causing all problems of mankind — Author, An Independent Researcher in Psychology

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